Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's been awhile!

I'm so bad about keeping up with my blog!  Ahhh well...what has happened since April??  I'll give the condensed version with some pics:

Spinning and knitting have over-taken our house, and hubby fed the frenzy by buying me a loom for my birthday in August.  So, I'm learning to weave too!

Here are some knitting/crocheting finished objects (FOs) over the last several months:

Baby Surprise Jacket for my brother and his wife (due Feb 2010), complete with Lego buttons

Handspun socks, fiber from FLUFF Fibers, superwash merino, Tico

Koolhaas hat in Twisted Fiber Art Lotus, Warlock Evolution

Textured Shawl in Twisted Fiber Art Catnip, Netherfield Evolution

Kiila socks in Twisted Fiber Art Kabaam, Valkyrie Lightening

Handspun Mittens, fiber from Southern Cross Fibre, Polwarth, Hay Sunrise

And, of course, the pièce de résistance, a Girasole shawl for my mom for Christmas, made out of my handspun, fiber from Spunky Eclectic, superwash merino/tencel, Sherwood

Other than that, I have several projects on the needles, including a stocking, a sweater (or 2), socks, a scarf, and soon to be another large shawl.  I'm spinning away, as ever....learning new techniques and really enjoying all things fibery.

Life-wise, work is going well, and hubby is doing great.  We bought a new corvette in June and have been having fun with it ever since (well not now with the snow, but you get the point).  It's cyber metallic gray, and it's very fast and powerful!

Vacations in 2009 consisted of going to New England (Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire) in May and Las Vegas in October.  Both were awesome in their own right, and we loved every minute of each vacation.  During the New England trip, I was especially excited about meeting Amy King (of Spunky Eclectic) and Adrian Bizilia (of Hello Yarn), arguably two of the most inspirational spinners/knitters out there.  In Vegas, we lived it up seeing shows and eating well, and I even came away with 2 pairs of Jimmy Choos and a pair of Stuart Weitzmans! :)  Yay shoes!

So, what kinds of resolutions have I made for 2010?
  1. I'd like to give all of my lonely 1 sock pairs their mate this year by actually getting over second sock syndrome and finishing those.  I think I have 3-4 that need to be done.
  2. I also want to make this afghan of my handspun yarn, which is going to be on its way soon...I already have the fiber!
  3. At home, I'd like to get all of the closets in our house organized and simplify things by getting rid of that which we don't need.  I know there are things that we haven't looked at in 5 years in those closets.  No need to keep them!
  4. I'm going to get a closet organizer system for our master closet as well.  We went to The Container Store over Christmas, and yeah, I'm pretty sure we need something like this, except a little smaller to fit our walk-in.  This means that I need to get honest with myself about clothing and shoes and what I actually need/wear (see #3).
Anyway, that's it for today.  Maybe I should add #5 to my list of keeping my blog better up-to-date.  Sometimes, I feel like no one is reading it, though! ;)

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