Thursday, September 9, 2010

A LOT Accomplished!

So, I know it's been a few days since I've been in the blogging world, but quite frankly I haven't had much time.  It's because I've been busy!  I even have some pictures to show for it!

I decided to join in on a Worldwide Shawl Exchange on Ravelry, where the goal was to create a shawl for someone else and send it by September 27, 2010.  You also receive a shawl from another person.  I have received my shawl, and it's gorgeous!! :)  And, this weekend, I finally finished the shawl for my partner and just blocked it tonight.  It will be on its way to New Zealand next week.  Here's a pic of the shawl I received, along with the goodies that came with it (yay, eye candy!!):

I decided to participate in the "Making Room SAL - Spin From the Bottom" Stash Down on the Spunky Club board on Ravelry.  The idea is to spin some of the oldest stuff in your stash and get it done before Rhinebeck.  I decided to finish whatever I have on the bobbins and choose a whole new pile of "older" fibers in my from just about every dyer.  So far, I've finished one skein, a 3-ply fingering/light sportweight spun from Hello Yarn.  It's Targhee wool in "Garland" colorway.  I'm soooo proud of this one!

And, here is the pile of the rest of the stuff I plan on spinning:

And probably the biggest accomplishment to date is that I started working with my personal trainer again.  She got me into these shakes called "Shakeology," where you replace 1 meal per day with shakes.  Along with that, you can do a 3-day cleanse, where basically you have 3 shakes per day and then a big salad for dinner with 4 oz. of lean meat.  I did that for the past 3 days, and I'm proud to say that in just 1 week, I have lost a total of 5.5 inches!!!!!! :-D  Hooray for jump-starting weight loss AND getting stronger all at the same time!  I'm excited to see the results continue and get back to the old me again! :)

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