Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Something new

You are probably reading this going....2 blog posts in 2 days?  Is that even possible?  Melinda only updates her blog once every 6 months.  But, you are reading correctly, people!  It's another blog post.  I read on someone else's blog that they are challenging themselves to write a new blog post every day.  It happens to be a blog whose RSS feed I subscribe to.  So, I get an e-mail every day with the new blog post.  I really love reading a little snippet into her life, thoughts, whatever.  And, I have been totally inspired now to do it myself.  I can't promise I'll be able to blog every single day, but I'm going to try to most days of the week.  If you're curious who's blog I've been reading, it's The Harveyville Project by Nikol Lohr.  She is the creator of Yarn School, which I have had the great fortune of attending this past spring and will be attending again this fall!

A bit about said Yarn School...if you love to spin, knit, play with fiber, it is definitely your mecca!  Of course, you can read all the details on the Harveyville website, but here's a brief overview:  It's 4 days of nothing but fibery goodness...learning about different breeds of sheep and other animals that provide spinning fiber, how to wash/prepare a fleece for spinning, hand carding, drum carding, spinning (if you don't know how), dyeing wool, new spinning techniques you may not have considered (art yarns), etc., etc., etc.  It is set in an old rural school building, and you live right there at the school.  The classrooms have been converted into bedrooms.  Meals are served family style, and all the food is homemade with locally grown veggies, etc.  In a word, Yarn School is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!  I'm super excited to get to go twice in one year, learn new techniques, meet new friends, and just have a grand time! :)

Other than that, I've been doing well with my food/exercise this week.  I'm proud to say that I'm keeping up!  My in-laws are coming in tomorrow, and on Friday, they plan on making me a belated "birthday dinner."  That will probably blow the calories for that day, but no matter...a girl is allowed a bit of freedom.  My husband also has plans of taking all of us to a fancy restaurant on Saturday that serves at least small portions but very rich food.  So, for a couple of dinners I probably won't be as on the ball as I have been, but believe you me, I will be jumping right back on that wagon.  Hopefully, I'll start seeing results sooner rather than later...I'm committed now! ;)

At any rate, I should get going for now...  Hubby just walked in the door with the healthy dinner for tonight...sushi!  More tomorrow (hopefully...if I can steal a moment away from the in-laws)...

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