Sunday, September 26, 2010

Done and done!! :)

That's of the afghans that I needed to finish during football season is done, and it isn't even that far into football season!  My very first rag quilt, completed today!  And, even already through 2 cycles in the wash to get the ends to be all fringy! :)  I'm so incredibly proud of this because it is definitely the biggest sewing project I've ever done.  It was a bit tricky getting the rows together and stitching around the edge, but I did it!  Anyway, here it is!

And, of course, I finished some more handspun too.  This is from a Cosymakes subtle stripes kit.  It was a really fun spin! You get a 2 oz. braid of a semi-solid colorway (in this case purple) and 4 small 1/2 oz. balls of 4 other semi-solid this case, blue, orange, green, white(sorta). You spin up one bobbin with the 2 oz. semi-solid, and the other bobbin with the 4 other 1/2 oz. bumps. Ply, and bada boom bada bing...subtle striping in any project you make from it!  I chose to split the orange into 2 quarter ounce pieces, and then spun them orange-green-white-blue-orange. So, in whatever I make from this, there will be two short orange stripes and 3 larger stripes of the other 3 colors.

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